Russia in NYC

For the sake of my fiance’s privacy, I am going to call him MM throughout this blog.
This past Saturday, MM and I were meeting up with two of his close friends who are in NYC visiting from Milano. Of course they’ve been to NYC before, but they were relying on us to come up with a good place to get some drinks and have a chance to catch up.
So, my nightlife wheels started turning early on Saturday. hmmm. Let’s go through the needs:
1. comfortable seating
2. ability to talk and hear one another
3. cool ambiance
4. full, but not overwhelmingly crowded
Next I went through the options to narrow it down:
1. Asian inspired (meaning LYCHEE and SAKE TINIS)
2. cool, sexy lounge
3. downtown, midtown or uptown (always a big deciding factor in NYC – we always prefer downtown)
4. wine or liquor (Saturday night tends to call for the latter)
After offering a few narrow options to MM, we decided Pravda was the perfect place. Pravda is a Russian restaurant/lounge between Houston and Prince on Lafayette. You barely notice the red lit “pravda” written next to a stairway leading down a shady looking entry. It has a cool, lively, under-ground kind of vibe with plenty of seating and amazing vodka!
We loved our drinks, and we were able to get a good table for 6 (2 of my gfs joined us after watching Michael Phelps win his 8th gold). The only negative in the whole experience was the service. MM and I got there first and got our drinks at the bar – the bartender was great. But, when our friends all arrived and we went to sit at the table, the waitress took half an hour to take their drink orders and then didn’t bring the drinks for another 20 minutes. She was Russian, and she was not very excited to be dealing with the jolly crowd standing in her way. When she wanted your drink order, she didn’t want to suggest anything or explain what exactly “chili & horseradish” vodka tastes like.
All in all, we had a great time. Pravda is highly recommended for a night like this, but try to get your drinks at the bar before sitting, so you have an hour to wait for your next…

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