linguine con gamberetti

MM and I were craving seafood and we don’t cook linguine very often, so our choice for dinner on Sunday night was simple: linguine con gamberetti (linguine with shrimp).

Good pastas are simple and easy – Americans tend to make pasta too complex and ruin the flavors of the ingredients. Just keep trying to make pasta, and soon you will never need to follow a recipe – you will know what goes with what, how much to use, and how to cook it.

-3 cloves garlic
-4 Tbsp olive oil (not extra virgin)
-1 lb small shrimp (cleaned)
-1 cup San Maranzano crushed tomatoes
-handfull corse sea salt
-1 box De Cecco linguine
-4 leaves fresh basil

-put water in pot to begin boiling for pasta
-chop garlic and put in pan with olive oil
-let the garlic infuse the oil – you will smell it – but don’t burn it
-add shrimp and cook till they are done
-remove shrimp, but try to keep most of the olive oil and garlic in the pan
-add San Maranzano crushed tomatoes
-let cook on low
-once water is at full boil, add handfull of corse sea salt
-add pasta
-stir sauce every once in awhile to keep the oil and tomato mixing
-a couple minutes before the pasta is finished, add shrimp to sauce
-cut basil leaves in a few pieces and add to sauce
-cook pasta to al dente
-drain pasta, add to sauce in pan
-mix and let simmer at a higher heat for about a minute

You’re finished! Buon appetito!

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