ottoman/bed – NYC lifesaver

MM and I were browsing stores for decor on Sunday, and we went into Bo Concept strictly for inspirational reasons (we can’t afford a $2500 chair while renovating…or in this decade).

We found this amazing ottoman ($629) and regretted buying a sofabed couch a year ago. The couch we have is nice, but it has to be pretty big to be a queen-sized sofabed. We would much rather have a more simple, minimalistic couch and have this ottoman for my younger, GWU, carefree brother to sleep on when he randomly drives to NYC for the weekend.

Although I am bitter about my current situation, I feel it is my duty to pass this on to those of you who still have the opportunity to choose a smart couch for esthetic appeal – not function.

Don’t bother looking at anything else in Bo Concept while you’re there – you can find most of it at Ikea.


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