Weekend in the Hamptons

Would you believe MM and I are going to the Hamptons this weekend for our first time?!? I’ve lived in nyc for nearly 6 years. Although it seems strange to be in the circles I’m in and never go to the Hamptons, I have begun to take pride in the fact that I vacation “other places.” Between my parents’ boat, Newport Rhode Island, friends’ homes in rural Connecticut, Italy, and others I have kept myself relaxed and rested without the torturous expedition on Friday evening on the LIE. It feels like I am breaking some sort of comfort in knowing I am not one to follow the crowd – afterall, “I have more cultural and exciting places to visit.”
My MOH (maid of honor) has been in the Hamptons nearly every weekend this summer because her bf has a house. So, MM and I are going out to stay with them and enjoy our last summer weekend before we head to Italy next week.
I’m sure it will end up being amazing because my belief is that fun is found in the company you keep!

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