first renovation nightmare

Friday evening, MM, my best friend (MOH – for maid of honor), and I were on the train on our way to the Hamptons to meet MOH’s bf. We were all trying to wind down after a long week, long day, and even longer trial of getting on the train and transferring at Jamaica. Finally, we thought we could breath…wrong.
The man who manages work within my coop, called and said that he had been receiving calls about leaking and flooding in the C line apartments. I live in 5C, so all of the C apartments below me were apparently experiencing rain even though it was a gorgeous evening.
Panic-stricken, MM and I called our contractor to find out what was going on. To our knowledge, the pipes hadn’t been touched yet, and we certainly didn’t think he was causing unknown leaking and flooding beneath us. We didn’t have time to stop by my apartment after work, so we were relying on our contractor to keep everything smooth over the weekend.
In the end, we’re still dealing with the drama of the damage downstairs, but our contractor claims it was not our problem. We have new pipes which opened the flow and was too much for the apartments downstairs which have old pipes and need to be replaced. He is going to have to deal with fixing their damage.
Stay posted…I’m sure there is more to come…

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