rules of renovating in a coop

Being that this is my first renovation (in a coop of all places) and I am learning sooo much along the way, I’ve decided to pass along my newfound wisdom.

10 Rules of Renovating in a Coop:

1. hire a contractor who has worked in the building before or who is recommended through the coop management company – if you know others who they have worked for, they are more trustworthy
2. clarify any plumbing or electrical work and request information for his professional contacts
3. make a fireproof contractor contract that will save you in any possible circumstance (see example here:
4. copy and submit contractor’s license, insurance, scope of work, along with any other professionals you may have hired (plumber, electrician, etc.) to the management company and keep copies for yourself
5. pay in increments (we chose 30% prior to work and then slowly pay as big jobs are completed)
6. buy your own materials whenever possible (hence the Ikea posting)
7. notify management of times when you need water shut-off (they will post a notice for other tenants)
8. notify neighbors of work being done – possible noise and dust
9. require contractor to keep common areas clean
10. stay and sleep somewhere else!!!

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