DESIR – better than Moulin Rouge

Before Moulin Rouge, before Folies Bergere, there was DESIR, the jewel of Paris. DESIR is the new theatrical circus experience which takes you backstage at the greatest nightclub the world has ever seen. A meeting place for showgirls and soldiers, bejeweled courtesans and maharajahs, DESIR is a carnival world devoted to the pursuit of beauty, clever seductions and breathtaking displays of acrobatic wonder. It is a sparkling merry-go-round where your last love affair is merely an entree to your next encounter.
MM and I went to see this show last night at SouthStreet Seaport with two of our friends, and it was amazing. The performers would have given any gymnast olympian a run for their gold, the music was seductive and enticing, the drinks were fantastic and kept coming…it was a show I didn’t want to end.
We also had dinner prior to the show at the restaurant, Squid & Martini, inside Spiegelworld. The food was ok, but the view of the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge made up for it. Our waitress was Corey from the most recent season of “Hell’s Kitchen.” She was nice, but wasn’t interested in giving me her resume to pass on to a few bigtime chefs I know. Strange. I guess she’s happier working as a waitress with her bartender husband…

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