Vespa in the city

I love the part in “Roman Holiday” when Audrey is being zipped around Roma on the back of Gregory Peck’s Vespa. It has always been ingrained in my mind as the perfect Italian experience. When I lived in Milano for nearly 2 years, I definitely got that experience every day riding on the back of my friends’ Vespas. When I moved back to NYC, one of the things I missed the most was the ease and fun of the mini motorcycle and how it added a whole different flavor of urban living.

MM didn’t have a Vespa when we first started dating, but he missed his Vespa in Milano more than I did. Finally, one Spring day, MM decided it was time to go to the Vespa dealership in Manhattan and buy one. I was a little uncertain of the differences between Italy with hundreds of bikers all over the roads and Manhattan with hundreds of taxis, but I was excited at the thought.

Of course it is different, but we love the Vespa! It has made MM’s life so much easier to hop on and go to work, pick me up, run by the grocery, stop by a friend’s place, etc. It really does open up your life to more possibilities in a city such as New York. Your social life only benefits from the fact that everyone and every place is only a couple of minutes by bike. I love it and I would recommend buying one to anyone in the city. Just make sure you get your biker’s license, have a velcro plate, watch the taxis, and always wear a helmet!

I’m hoping to get my own next Spring…

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