Pasta 101 – Fusilli

It has come to my attention (through my own learning experiences) that not many people are familiar with the Italian names of pasta. Being that we are in the States, this shouldn’t affect us, yet restaurants continually refer to their pasta dishes with the Italian terms. So, I am going to take us through a “Pasta 101” course. In these posts, I will focus on one type of pasta at a time to provide you with the Italian name, physical description, and best uses for each pasta in recipes. You will find that a lot of my recipes are pasta dishes (marrying an Italian means pasta at least 4 nights a week) and I will be sure to refer to the pasta by its Italian name.

First up – FUSILLIfusilli = corkscrew pasta = pasta twists
means “little spindles” in Italian
Pronunciation: foo-ZEE-lee
Fusilli is an Italian pasta that is shaped like screws – each usually about four centimetres long. This is a good choice for pasta salads and casseroles, or for serving with hearty, thick sauces because its crevices hold the sauce well. A long version of the spring-shaped fusilli is called fusilli col buco. Green and red varieties of fusilli are produced by adding spinach or tomatoes.


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