focaccia – tutto giorno

The first morning I woke up in Milano, I had a delicious breakfast with MM and his parents – biscotti, cafe (Americano – I still can’t do just straight espresso), yogurt, and Italian chatting. What I was secretly saving my appetite for was the focaccia from the panificio (bread store) across the street. You just can’t find the same focaccia in the States. I decided to buy a plain square of focaccia first, but it was anything but plain. Somehow they capture the perfect moistness with pockets of olive oil and rosemary…amazing.

After having it the first day, I had to have it every day. I tried different versions, though. I tried with green olives, with tuna and tomatoes, with cheese, and even rolled with ham or spinach. All of them were delicious, but my favorite was definitely the focaccia with sliced Marenzano tomatoes, onion and tuna. I will miss it until I can have my next affair with the panificio across the street…


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