Gnocchi con Gamberetti e Pomodori – Italian Farmhouse Dinner

While in Italy, the day of Saint Mary was on Thursday. MM’s entire family has the middle name “Maria” which is the Italian name for Mary. The day of the saint of your name is a celebration in Italy – similar to a birthday. Since it was the day of everyone’s middle name, we went out for a big celebration dinner.

We went to an old farmhouse with a restaurant outside of Milano – about 30 minutes. It was amazing – the old farmhouse and barn have been completely renovated and turned into a classic and elegant restaurant with a warm and cozy feel.

The menu could only be found in Italy and it made it very difficult to choose – they are known for their carne (meat), but I had been wanting to have some real Italian gnocchi all week. I thought “where better to get gnocchi than in a cozy old farmhouse?” AND the gnocchi came with gamberetti and pomodori – too good to pass up. I went with an antipasto to share with MM, the gnocchi and ended the dinner with tonno carpaccio (raw tuna).

Oh – I almost forgot…I also had crepes with strawberries and vanilla creme for dessert…YUM!

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