Korean BBQ

Being from Pittsburgh (aka “da burgh”), I had never had Korean BBQ before living in NYC. I also feel as though I am one of the privileged in NYC to know just how amazing this “other Asian” food is. I work with primarily Koreans and our offices are near KTown, so I tend to get my fix pretty often. MM and I have decided that Don’s Bogum is by far our favorite – not only for the food but for the more modern decor and the manager who always pours over us when we walk in.

When we’re not in the mood to venture all the way up to 32nd Street on the weekends, we head to Do Hwa on Carmine. It’s a great restaurant with good drinks, nice atmosphere, and nice service. But, something is still missing from the KTown experience. It seems that the restaurants uptown never have an issue with how many of the small plates your table can devour – they always bring more. On Carmine, the service is slightly more “West Village” and they don’t give so freely.

Being a patron on 32nd Street is definitely more spoiling, but I would recommend Korean BBQ over most restaurants any day.

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