La Pizza Fresca

My mom is in town visiting and MM and I wanted to take her to have some good Italian pizza. Our favorite to order in is Luzzo’s, but to go sit in Luzzo’s is not the most relaxing and company-enjoying environment (aka loud and very Naples). So, we decided the next best pizza is La Pizza Fresca.

After a long time of struggling with all of the pizza options, my mom got the Asparagi (Grilled asparagus with robiola cheese and pancetta (Italian bacon)). I got the speciali de giorno – tonno pizza – with black olives, capers, San Maranzano tomatoes and basil. MM got the Margherita – as always. We all exchanged one piece each to have a sample of everything. It was heaven.

The atmosphere is also very pleasant – nice service, good wine, and nice lighting. The prices weren’t too bad – with an appetizer and pizza each and a bottle of wine, it was about $50 each.

Recommended for pizza lovers…


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