orecchiette con salsiccia e spinaci

MM and I cooked for the first time in our new kitchen in my APT – soon to be ours! It was so exciting to use the new equipment, sink, counter, cabinets, and DISHWASHER! simple pleasures, huh?
Great pasta recipe, though…
1 box De Cecco orecchiette
1 lb sweet Italian sausage
1 bag spinach leaves
2 cloves garlic
pinch of red pepper flakes
olive oil
1/2 cup ricotta
1 can white beans
boil water for pasta – add handful of salt
cook sausage for a few minutes in salted pan – just till slightly browned
try to separate sausage into little pieces to compliment the pasta size – big pieces overwhelm the taste
add chopped garlic, red pepper and 3 Tbsp olive oil
let cook till sausage is cooked through and garlic is fragrant
add spinach leaves in handfuls to cook down in the olive oil – they shrink dramatically
add olive oil as needed to keep moist and cook spinach
drain and rinse white beans in colander – set aside in large bowl
cook pasta in boiling salter water till al dente
drain pasta and add to white beans to mix and soften the beans
add to sauce
turn heat up and let flavors soak into the pasta
add ricotta and mix well
serve and enjoy!!!


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