Lugo Tailored Menswear

Trying to find the perfect birthday or holiday gift for your man? Lugo Tailored Menswear is the perfect way to please him and please your eyes when you see him wearing more tailored and classic attire…bello!

With a focus on the man’s most basic expression of his personal style, the dress shirt, Lugo is a celebration of La Dolce Vita. Italian style has always captured a unique sense of natural elegance, or sprezzatura, a term often used to describe the boldness and manner of dress of the iconic Gianni Agnelli. In an effort to adapt such understated elegance to the modern setting, Lugo utilizes traditional Italian tailoring with single stitching and mother of pearl buttons. Their classic fabrics, with their youthful cut, have allowed them to create a timeless, multifunctional shirt. A Lugo shirt and tie brings a subtle confidence to the boardroom or the beach. They focus on style with a wink, not on fashion. Lugo is not art; it is simply a means by which their customers can indulge themselves in a product that makes life a little sweeter.

You may remember my post about Lugo Caffe, which is the caffe realization of Lugo Tailored Menswear – bringing the full “la dolce vita.”

Check out the Lugo boutique on Mott Street:

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