Sex & the City

I finally watched “Sex & the City” the movie! I wanted to see it in the theater, but MM doesn’t like the movie theater too much because we often need to pause the movie so that I can clarify the English terms. I don’t mind saving on the $12 ticket either. We’re big Netflix fans, and I got “Sex & the City” as soon as humanly possible.

Living in NYC, Carrie and her friends are like an extension of my own circle of ladies. I think every group of girlfriends has determined who is Carrie, who is Samantha, who is Charlotte within their group…I don’t know many people who want to be Miranda, but there usually is one. 🙂 My girlfriends and I have a favorite place to meet for tinis after work, a favorite place to eat, and we have intense and fun conversations about men, work, family, sex, and life.

The movie made me so happy that I’ve already found my Mr. Big and we have no hesitations about getting married in May…but my adventures in this city will never end!

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