pumpkin picking at Decker Farm

When I was growing up, my family went to the pumpkin patch every year around this time to pick a pumpkin, drink hot cider, eat caramel apples, ride the hay ride, and ride on ponies. It was always my favorite time of year. It always gave me a warm and cozy feeling that everything was right in the world.

When I woke up yesterday and realized the weather was gorgeous – sunny and cool – I knew it was a pumpkin patch day. I decided to surprise MM by preparing all of our plans to drive to the closest pumpkin patch! I reserved a ZipCar, researched pumpkin patches, and I decided to go with Decker Farm in Staten Island. Neither of us has ever been to Staten Island, so I knew this would be a new experience for us both. MM has never even bought a pumpkin – they don’t have Halloween in Italy, but the American holiday has made its way there with costume parties.

MM always entertains my crazy ideas, so he agreed to go and even seemed excited himself. We invited a few friends, but all of them asked the same question: “are you two drunk already?” This only fueled my desire to do the unexpected and experience the childhood memory again.

When we got to Richmond, we stopped by the center of the historical village and then drove to the farm and parked on the side of the road. The people at the farm thought we were lost, but realized we weren’t when I hopped my way to the pay stand to go inside. They were closing, but the friendly, little, old woman in the stand let us enter anyhow. The only downfall of the whole experience was the Amish woman who scared Marco half to death with her outfit and manner. She was surpisingly very “un-Amish” and she had a bad attitude about us entering when they were supposed to be closing.

MM was very sweet and got into the whole experience. We even agreed to try another farm next year in Long Island and make it a yearly tradition. MM walking around the patch in his leather handmade loafers was so cute!

We picked our pumpkins, bought some homemade pumpkin butter and pumpkin bread and headed home.

It was one of those sweet days in life that come around far too little…

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