the Apple of my eye

MM and I went to the Apple store in Soho on Saturday to look at the new Macbook Pro. I get a bit of anxiety when I step into Apple – especially on the weekend – and this time was no different. It feels less like a cool, technological experience and more like a crazy amusement park. From the crowds of people hounding over your back as you wait in line to touch a computer to the strange homeless man yelling nonsense in the corner to the little kids crying because they don’t care about computers yet…I’d rather go during the day on a weekday or buy online. I have to say the newer Apple store in the Meatpacking District is less crowded and feels more focused on the technology as opposed to being the “Apple store” – any Soho real estate creates that vibe these days.

On the brighter side, the Macbook Pro is pretty impressive – if you’re into graphic design, photos, etc. If you’re just looking for a good laptop to use Windows and the internet, get the new HP touchscreen! I can’t wait for Apple to catch up with their own technology and come out with the touchscreen iMac!


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