Soho House

Last night I met up with two girlfriends to catch up after months of busy schedules. The three of us usually can spend hours chatting about the same things over and over again, so we know we need somewhere that is reasonably quiet and comfortable. One of my friends is a member of the Soho House – a members-only club and hotel. I have a few friends who are members, so I can usually be put on the list to meet them on the club level. We decided that would be the perfect spot for our girl session.

The Soho House is a great place to go for happy hour because the club level is divided into sectional rooms where you are sure to find the environment that fits your needs. There is the bar, the banquets, the dining room, huge lounging couches, tables for chatting, fireplaces, a billiards room, etc. I don’t think they missed anything when they were planning the layout. There are other floors that fullfill other needs: spa, hotel, party rooms, screening room, library (sans actual books, but the book wallpaper is an effort), and a pool on the roof. You may have seen the Sex & the City episode where the ladies were enjoying the Soho House rooftop pool.

The crowd is pleasant on weekdays, but can get a little too “fashionable” and sceney on the weekends. I guess all NYC establishments struggle with trying to keep the exclusive and “chill” attitude without eventually attacting that crowd. Everyone’s looking to be an individual, but their real desire is to belong. Soho House meets that need for the young, jet-set New Yorker.
I’m actually having dinner there this Saturday for my bachelorette party – there will be 20 girls lounging, eating, opening presents, and entertaining the other members, I’m sure. We’ll see how Soho House performs…


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