Dashing Divas

This weekend is my bachelorette weekend! My MOH (maid of honor) has done an amazing job at planning the entire weekend with get togethers and fun activities since we will have a bunch of visiting ladies from LA, San Fran, London, DC, etc. I’ll definitely give the run down on all of the venues we visit next week – I wouldn’t want to assume how they will be.

On Saturday, however, we will be relaxing before the big festivities by getting manis & pedis. I love pampering myself with a good mani/pedi in a nice place at a reasonable cost. I usually go to Think Pink on 6th Ave and 10th St – it’s very pleasant and I am almost always happy with the job that they do. MM comes with me to get a MANicure and a nice buffing – they all know us well. But, with a lot of girls we needed a place that does reservations for groups with a fun and festive atmosphere. I have seen Dashing Divas all over the city, and, though it is a bit vibrant with its pink decor for me, it does seem like the perfect place for a bunch of girls to go and get excited about the evening’s events.

I’m sure our nails and toes will carry us through whatever comes our way…

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