Bachelorette Party – #1

It is going to take a few posts to fully cover the events of this past weekend. I think I can officially say that my bachelorette party was one of the best nights of my life. Friends from all periods of my life in NYC – it couldn’t get better.

As a pre-party, on Friday night we had a coed get-together at the Back Room in the lower east side. MM was happy to have a chance to hang out with all of my visiting friends, and it was fun to have our guy friends and girls’ boyfriends around. The Back Room is throw back to the prohibition era – they serve their cocktails in tea cups and the beer bottles in brown paper bags. The tea cups get difficult and are a bit smaller than a normal drink, but the idea is definitely fun. We wished we had tried to book the secret room through the bookselves, but we didn’t know about it before.

The fete actually served as a minor high school reunion – I am from Sewickley, PA, which is a small town north of Pittsburgh. There are quite a few of us in NYC, so it was great to all get together including a few Sewickely alum who visited from DC and San Fran. Lots of catching up was made and plenty of jaw-hurting laughter.

The plan was to make Friday night an early and relaxing evening to just catch up and get enough sleep for Saturday’s plans. The issue is – once you get old friends together, there’s no stopping the story telling. We stayed till around 3am. At least we could sleep in on Saturday.

It was the perfect beginning to an amazing weekend! More stories and reviews to come…


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