Bachelorette Party – #2 – party bus

My MOH (maid of honor) is the greatest to ever exist. We’ve known eachother since we began kindergarten, she helped MM deal with the stresses of getting a ring, and she has made being engaged so exciting and fun – I think partially because she is excited to go through it all herself one of these days soon.

She planned my bach party early because a few of my close girlfriends (who don’t live in NYC) are going to have to travel to Italy in May for the wedding, so asking them to travel to NYC close to that date would be ridiculous. Plus, winter nights out can be tough in the city and spring is likely to get stressful with finalizing the wedding details. So, October 25th it was!

With 20 girls, my MOH knew we would need a sensible and fun mode of transportation. So, she and her man rented us a PARTY BUS for the evening! I have to say this was one of the best decisions in planning the night. It was so much fun! The bus was fully decked out with disco lighting, ipod hookup, full bar, and stripper poles. You can imagine 20 friends had a good time driving around the city together in this bus.

We got picked up early, drove to our first destination (Soho House) for dinner and presents, and then spent an hour driving around the city in the bus before heading to the clubs. We even stopped in Times Square for some hilarious photos, which included cops and a traffic cone…naturally.

The bus gave us the ability to stay together easily, not stop the fun while moving from place to place, and have the chance to really just be the 20 of us in a small dance floor. It is my recommendation for anyone planning a party with enough people to require more than a couple taxis and it was much more spacious and fun than a limo.

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