Bachelorette Party – #3 Soho House & David Beckham

We began our night at the Soho House to share some small bites, toast with Prosecco, and open gifts. Their club level was the perfect venue for this portion of the evening because it is very comfortable on the loungy couches, it is more calm, and you can talk and actually hear one another. We had three huge couches in a horse-shoe so we could all chat around the food and drinks. I’m sure we also entertained the other club members with our discussions, laughter, toasting, present opening, and games. We were well-behaved, but fun!

The girls became even more excited when we were told that David Beckham was also at the Soho House for dinner. He was sitting in a windowed room right next to us at a huge dinner table with about 10 others. The windows were blinded just enough with see-through curtains to give him the privacy he desired, but still allow the room to feel open to the club. All of the ladies began trying to pass the doorway to his dining room to get even a glimpse of his famous face – some saw him, some couldn’t. It was definitely a texting topic with everyone’s friends.

The Soho House prohibits flash photography, so we didn’t get many photos to remember the beginning of the night – I think one of my friends broke the rules and has already posted it on facebook. I can guess the Soho House does this to protect the David Beckhams who are looking for some place in NYC where they can have a nice private dinner without photos and without the public being allowed in. The members of the club like to pride themselves on not being phased by the famous. I think it still excites everyone, though…

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