Bachelorette Party – #4 1 Oak

After Soho House, we rode around in the party bus for about an hour. Once we had plenty of hopping on and off for photo ops and dancing while falling all over each other, we were ready to head to the clubs. A few of my girlfriends have a friend at 1Oak, so we knew we could easily get a table. You may be familiar with 1Oak from multiple episodes of Gossip Girl, but it really is a nice club with good music and a classier crowd than a typical NYC club.

Once you pass through the coat-check anteroom where lines of cursive are engraved in the wall, you find yourself in an large room with a ceiling of raw oak slats and a zigzagging black-and-white floor that sets an El Morocco tone. The room is divided by a central black lacquered bar doling out overly expensive drinks. In one corner, hides a VIP area with a huge fireplace and giant artwork by Roy Nachum (designer of Southern Hospitality and Saucy) of a sexy nude. Ostrich-leather banquettes line underlit brick walls covered by metallic gold curtains with another large piece of artwork of a young blindfolded boy with two horses. In the front of the room there’s a D.J. podium blaring out songs from all time periods creating a cooler, less strictly hi-hop vibe.

The girls and I had a great time dancing around together for about an hour before we were ready to go to another club for some good old hip-hop grinding. Plus, we didn’t want to stay anywhere too long…that’s lame.

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