Bachelorette Party – #5 walk to Bijoux

After 1Oak, we felt we needed a more hip-hoppish vibe to end the night right. So, we all headed to Bijoux where we have another friend who manages – again, guaranteed tables are a bonus when the group is as large as ours was. Our party bus was gone by this time, we we all had to get down there by walking or cabbing it. I ended up walking with three girls down 10th Avenue. Previously, at the Soho House, my MOH gave me 10 dares that I had to complete by the night’s end. This walk was my chance to fullfill a few of those dares. Here are the dares I completed on this short walk downtown in the Meatpacking District:

#1: have a man serenade you
#2: make a toilet paper veil and have a man pretend to walk you down the aisle (one of the girls stole a role of toilet paper from the Soho House!)
#3: spank a man’s behind
#4: toilet paper a MINI cooperS

#4 wasn’t really a dare, but the girls and I didn’t know what to do with the extra toilet paper from my veil. I hope this post isn’t going to get me in trouble – I’ve given away a lot of details. 🙂

After completing all of these dares, we finally made it to Bijoux. This nightclub is run by the guys who used to run PM nightclub. Located underneath the restaurant Merkato 55, this venue is essentially hidden amongst black brick walls and countless corridors with enough crystal chadeliers to make the Phantom jealous. Needless to say, getting through the door to this hush-hush upscale loft is not an easy feat.

All of my girls were already there dancing away at a table. We had photographic evidence of my completing the dares, and everyone was very proud. There was one dare, however, that I didn’t think I could complete: “#5 get a man to give you his underwear.” Luckily, I have one girlfriend who will do anything relentlessly to get what she wants. So, she guilted a guy into helping me complete my dares, disappeared for 5 minutes, and came back with his underwear.

That’s about when the night was over – what more could we accomplish? I headed home with my MOH and two best friends from home to eat some junk food and call MM to come over after his night out with the guys.

It was an amazing bachelorette party – I recommend everything that we did for any girl planning one in NYC! We did it up, and we did it up well!

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