Halloween 08

MM and I like to dress up in coordinated outfits for Halloween. Two years ago we were a flapper and a mobster, last year we were Caesar and Cleopatra, and this year we were James Bond and a Bond girl from the Sean Connery years. MM was excited to be Bond because it gave him the opportunity to finally wear his tuxedo. In Italy, he would wear a tux nearly every week for different formal events, but since he’s lived in NYC, he doesn’t tend to go to many galas or fund-raisers due to the pricetag of attending those events and the fact that it would be him paying it.
He looked fabulous in his tux – I would even go as far as to say he was better than most of the Bonds. I looked pretty hot as his woman of the night as well with a black wig (I’m a blond), which made my blue eyes pop. MM felt as though he was out with another girl and we acted it up as if it was a one night rendezvous…some people we know were actually nervous MM was cheating on me when they saw him kissing a black-haired woman, and they were relieved when they focused in on my face.
We went to Soho House’s famous Halloween bash, but when we arrived there was a crowd stretching all the way to Spice Market trying to get in. After witnessing a few brawls over people pushing, a group of us decided to go to the wine bar across the street to have a drink and see if the crowd would ever be let in. We were very disappointed in Soho House management of the event – they usually have a list of people who are allowed in, but this year they did away with the list and simply let people line up. It was chaotic and completely against what the Soho House is usually all about – letting the members and their specified guests feel like they are always welcome and treated better than anywhere else.
After about an hour of sitting in the wine bar and actually enjoying ourselves, we noticed the crowd was gone, so we went back to the Soho House hoping the entire crowd wasn’t inside at this point. We were wrong, inside was worse. We didn’t want to spend an hour at coat check, so we never took our coats off. We couldn’t get a drink because we couldn’t push our way to the bar. Finally, we decided to leave.
My recommendation to Soho House is: keep your operation for the members and their guests and make it easy and organized for them to enjoy the Halloween bash. Otherwise, you’ll risk losing your prestigious appeal and the whole point of your establishment will be lost.
MM and I couldn’t get a cab to go home, so we took the L train – it was by far the most entertaining portion of the evening. I think next year we’ll go back to attending an apartment party or just throw our own.

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