A new President…now what?

Last night was a very inspiring evening. From McCain’s heart-felt concession speech to Obama’s heart-felt victory speech, the United States was redefined and once again became the inspiring land for the rest of the world to watch. Whether you voted for McCain or Obama, whether you live in a red state or a blue state, we all can be proud to be American as we watch our entire country – white, black, hispanic, rich, poor, gay, straight – come together with pride and hope that we will have a better tomorrow.

And for Obama…

He has his work cut out for him. He has inspired the country and he certainly led an amazing campaign – but who is this charismatic man, and how will he actually lead us now that he is our President? Not only does he need to bring our economy out of a ditch, but he must also work to end the war in Iraq, bring our soldiers home, provide health care for all citizens, balance the right and the left, and so much more. He’s going to need help, and he’s going to need all of our support.

So, let’s all work together…finally.


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