On Sunday, MM and I were treated by my MOH and her boyfriend to go to the Giants v. Cowboys game. MM has never watched American football in his life, so he was very excited. I was also excited because I grew up going to Steelers games my whole life, and since I’ve been in NYC I haven’t been able to get to one.

Being that we were treated by MOH’s boyfriend, we went all out! He had a limo pick us up to take us to the stadium with a fully loaded bar. We left the city at noon, and since the game didn’t start until 4pm, that gave us a full 4 hours of beverages prior to the game! We tailgated with his friends who were grilling the most fancy tailgate menu I have ever seen – jelly infused meatballs, bacon-wrapped scallops, shrimp skewers, gourmet sliders, sweet sausage, chili, etc. It was amazing very impressive. Along with eating, we threw a football with some other fans, met a lot of nice people, and gave MM the real American tailgate experience. He loved it.

MOH and I also needed to go to the bathroom so badly that we couldn’t wait in the endless line at the porter potties, so MOH actually asked a bunch of men with a motorhome if we could use their personal bathroom! They were more than happy to allow us, but we were too nervous to separate once inside the motorhome so we went in together. While we were in there, the man began joking and laughing and cheering profanities – freaked, we quickly ran out while yelling “thank you!” When we shared this story with MM and MOH’s man, they considered going back to the motorhome to defend and protect their “assets.” But, MOH and I put an end to that very quickly.

By the time we got into the game, we had been riding on the alcohol wagon for quite awhile. MM wanted to buy every Giants paraphernalia offered to be sure he was decked out for his first American football game. We had amazing seats – right next to the famous face-painted brothers. We cheered till out throats were sore and decided the Giants were sure to win in the 3rd quarter, so we headed out to avoid the crowd.

We walked over a bridge, under an overpass, down a hill, and a cross a field to a hotel where the car was supposed to be waiting. Problem was – the driver didn’t expect us for another hour or more. So, we entertained ourselves by drunkenly running around the parking lot and making fools of ourselves to the valet men.

I think MM got the full experience of the American football game…and we all paid for it on Monday.

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