Double Crown

On Saturday night, MM surprised me by taking me to Double Crown, which I have been wanting to go to for months. I am always very curious and interested in seeing the restaurant designs of Avro Ko. They have done so many new concepts that make the environment as important and delicious as the food. Double Crown was no disappointment.

Finding its inspiration in nineteenth-century British colonialism in the Far East, and the cuisine it engendered, Double Crown feels like an escape from the city streets and typical sceney restaurants (although there is no shortage of attractive and fashionable people here).

The menu reads like a strange story where you’re not 100% familiar with the vernacular, which makes all the more fun to try to decode and order something in the same family of foods you’re craving. Or just point your finger to the menu with your eyes closed and you’ll likely try something fantastic and exciting for your tastebuds. Here are a few of the items we ordered and we were very pleased:

Smoked mackerel salad with green apple, boiled egg, and pickled lime dressing; coconut chicken salad with mint, snow peas and shrimp floss; Venison Wellington with cranberry chutney; Bangers and Mash with wow wow sauce; Garam Masala Potatoes, and so much more…

Along with some other desserts for the table and a candle for my birthday, I ended my dinner with a glass of their Moscato d’Asti, Canelli, Bera 2007 (Italy) – it was the perfect sweet touch before heading into the back room to lounge at the gorgeous bar and huge red and royal blue leather chairs and couches. The room filled up by the time we were leaving, which shows this place is more than just a good menu – it’s a destination.

Bleeker & Bowery


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