Jadis – birthday party & vino

On Friday (my birthday), after MM treated me to dinner at Craft, he surprised me with a little party at Jadis in the Lower East Side with all of my closest friends. I had never been there, but it was the prefect place to lounge on big leather couches while drinking and laughing with good friends. It is a seductive wine bar – evidence of the change in the nightlife netherworld between the Lower East Side and SoHo. It aims to stand out among their counterparts by offering reasonably priced, mostly French varieties from up-and-coming vintners based in unfamiliar regions. A few Portuguese, Spanish, and Chilean wines are thrown in for good measure. In the back lounge, which can be reserved for large parties, couches of Italian leather are surrounded by bronze lamps and brick walls housing cabinets of wine. The front bar is surrounded by dark-wood communal tables while classic jazz plays in the background.
After a few bottles of a good white wine, we were ready to hit the nightlife. Jadis was a perfect opening act!

Rivington near Forsyth


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