Zip Car – the way to move

Living in NYC can present many challenges, one of which is certainly owning a vehicle. Our public transportation is great, and I love that most New Yorkers use it and don’t add personal vehicles to pollute the air more. However, getting anywhere the subway doesn’t run, helping a friend move, buying an air conditioner, donating to Good Will, or even trying to get home to visit your family can all turn into impossible tasks without easy access to a vehicle!

Enter ZIP CAR!

MM and I joined Zip Car about a year ago, and it has tranformed our lives. We no longer struggle with the idea of leaving the city to go to the beach in the summer, going to Ikea or Sam’s Club on the weekend, or running errands that require a trunk. We are more free now to do the things that every human being should be able to do without the nightmarish thought of flagging down a taxi while balancing a piece of furniture you got from a friend on your foot so it doesn’t touch the pavement.

I think every New Yorker should look into Zip Car and have it a bit easier.

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