Bed, Bath & Beyond in NYC

Why is it that MM and I constantly feel the need to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond for one simple thing yet come out with a receipt for over $300? How is that possible?

Between the countless TV gadgets lining the aisles to the endless amount of necessary home objects, you’re bound to find at least five more things you can’t live without! By the time you get to the register you look down at a full cart of things you “need” to make your apartment more organized and your life better…huh???

This past weekend, MM and I went there for throw pillows and came out with a laundry hamper, some sticky things to hang his belts on, new pillows for the bed, 4 throw pillows (to match the couch to our new storage bench), a curtain rod, an extension cord, and I forget what else! When we got home, we realized the throw pillows were all wrong, so we have to return the only thing we actually went there for.

Hopefully, when I go to return them, I don’t spend another $300!


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