LA versus NYC

MM is in LA for work this week. He’s staying at the a fantastic hotel and enjoying martinis at the pool in between meetings and jobs. He said its 80 degrees and gorgeous there right now…besides the wild fires, which MM could see from the airplane when he was landing.

Considering the fact that we are experiencing the coldest day of the year so far in New York, hearing about MM’s fabulous experience made me jealous. This made me think. I love the seasons of NYC. I grew up in Pittsburgh and Fall was always my favorite season. How could I live through Halloween, my birthday, and Thanksgiving without smelling the Fall air and seeing the gorgeous colors nature produces? What would it be like to put up a Christmas tree and sing carols about snow without the reality of it outside?

If I could wear a bathing suit all year long, I think my life would become more one dimensional without the affect of nature on my actions and lifestyle. I love that in NYC, everything that we do is dependent on the weather and the season. From the food offered at restaurants to the clothing in the store windows, New Yorkers live the seasons.

I love it

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