So…the ladies and I met up at BUtterfield 8 last night, but there was a “networking” event in the back, which crammed up the front bar. Even though there were plenty of attractive and successful looking young men for my girls, we decided to head somewhere else so we could sit and actually chat (which is the point of girls’ nights – no matter what men think!)

Being that we were in the unfortunate area known as midtown, we walked East and ended up at Wetbar in the W Court Hotel on 39th and Lex. After you enter through the black curtains, you realize it has sexy potential to be a nice lounge. We had to wait a bit, but we ended up getting a cozy horseshoe couch.

Everything was pleasant except the attitude of the bartender – long black hair and very well-endowed – she had something stuck up in a dark place. Also, the prices of their drinks were pretty shocking. MOH and I got our typical (non saketini option) vodka martini straight up with a twist (usually with Kettle, but they didn’t have it, so we went with Absolut) and it put us out $15 each. I have been shocked with a higher price per drink before (1OAK) but this place isn’t justified to have those prices.

It was nice to have a place to sit, but I think they need to rethink their niche in Manhattan!


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