driving, driving, driving…

MM and I drove to and from Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. We heard nightmare stories involving a 12 hour drive (it should normally take only 7-8 hours max), so we were prepared for the worst. Luckily, it only took us 7 hours to get to Pittsburgh on Wednesday! We used MM’s navigation system to go a different way than the standard route 80 or the turnpike the whole way. We were very happy to arrive home in time for dinner and our tradition of turkey preparation!On the way back, however, we were slightly too optimistic and we waited until mid afternoon to leave Pittsburgh. We got stuck in hours of DC traffic on the PA turnpike – all the way to Breezewood. Nightmare. We barely hit 20mph for four hours. We can blame the traffic on DC because a soon as we passed Breezewood, we didn’t go below 80mph the whole way into the Holland Tunnel. Gotta love the fact that most New Yorkers fly everywhere because they don’t have a car and they don’t drive often enough to remember which is the brake and gas.

The only way MM and I could keep our sanity was to focus on the fact that we would have likely had a delay at the airport due to bad weather. We will stick with this justification for now, but we may fly next year…

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