Thanksgiving…always traditional

Since I have become passionate about cooking, I am always trying to push my boundaries to try new things. I always want to try new flavors and new ingredients that will improve my knowledge and help me grow in the kitchen.

Not for Thanksgiving.

For Thanksgiving – I am the opposite. I hate fancy Thanksgiving recipes because it takes away from the memories and the flavors that I want to experience only once a year. I have tried gourmet stuffings and dishes, but I could never abandon my mom’s good old celery and onion stuffing. That along with traditional jelly cranberry, oven roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet squash, green bean casserole, homemade bread and gravy is all I care to see on the table on Thanksgiving Day. Oh – and of course pumpkin and apple pies for dessert. Nothing gourmet or created by Emeril or Paula belongs on the table!

I’m so happy MM learned about Thanksgiving at my parents’ home last year, so our dishes are his favorites…I don’t have to fight with any “traditional” dishes his mom cooked his whole life.

We’ll save the gourmet dishes for the other 364 days of the year!

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