Christmas Party!!!

MM and I began a tradition 2 years ago by throwing an outstanding Christmas party in my apartment – the stories are still circling. Last year we threw another, and so now we are the yearly Christmas party throwers.

This year, however, will be our first opportunity to have friends over to see all of the renovations we just did. So, we want to make it really nice. We have all of our decorations up, the finger foods are ready along with the host party gifts – all personally picked out and then wrapped by me (my back is still aching). We’re relying on our guests to bring the drinks, which helps with the cost – big time.

My idea is to have everyone pick a number from a hat, which will coorespond to their gift. I bought a lot of the gifts at Ricky’s, which means they are pretty sarcastic and hilarious. This will get everyone laughing and ready for a good time. Our friends are fabulous people, so we don’t usually struggle to have a good time.

For the menu – I decided to go very simple and went with more comfort foods since that seems to be what everyone is craving these days – recession and all…here is the menu:

crudites with spinach dip
gourmet cheese & crackers
green olive hummus and pita
olives and pickles
chocolate sweets
I decorated with all white and gold. Plenty of candles and pine smells – that’s all you need to get everyone in the mood. I need to pick up some mistletoe on my way home, though. That always adds to the fun!


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