In Italy

MM and I are in Italy for his sister’s wedding and the planning of our wedding in Tuscany! Fantastico! We stayed in the village where we will be married in May last night and it was the most exciting and amazing experience I have ever had! From the castle where we will have our reception to the little church where we will be married to the village of apartments where our guests will stay…it will be a dream wedding that no one I know has ever seen!

On Saturday, MM’s sister will be married in Bergamo – a city about 30 minutes north of Milan. She is being married in a very intimate wedding in a church that was built a few thousand years before Columbus even knew how to sail…let alone “sail the ocean blue.” I am very excited to be here to experience these things with my new family.

Along with them, Italy is as amazing as it ever was. The food, the people, the little cars, the terraces, the coffee…the list goes on and on. I have fallen in love with not only an Italian man, but the entire Italian culture.

la dolce vita…

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