Dear 2009,

2008 was a good year, but it certainly came and bit us all in the arse a few times – especially with the economy – I wanted to take a moment to request a few minor things for your next 360 days to help make you shine a little more fondly in our memories:

1. please don’t let anymore large corporations close causing more people to lose their jobs
2. bring back bonuses for Christmas ’09
3. don’t let winter drag on in NYC through March – preferrably lots of snow through February and then immediate flowers 🙂
4. make Tuscany particularly beautiful with perfect weather in the end of May – conveniently the time of my wedding
5. bring flight costs to Italy down to make it easier on my wedding guests
6. help New Yorkers to be able to afford spending money on food – my business
7. bring back corporate expenses – catering anyone? perhaps some water and soda in the office fridge?
8. no major weather catastrophies please
9. bring more understanding between countries to work towards some more peace
10. help President-Elect Obama as he enters into office to be a good leader for all Americans

I realize requesting these things to an actual year will not do anything, but these are just a few of my prayers to help us all out through 2009.

God bless.

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