The Bachelor ’09

ok, ok…I admit it – I have been known to TiVo “The Bachelor” every season, but primarily to watch the girls act like complete petty fools. This season, however, I have a more personal connection to the ladies competing for Jason’s heart – a friend from my hometown is one of the 25 ladies! Megan Parris and I grew up in Sewickley, Pennsylvania together – same school, same youth camps, same group of friends.

I watched last night’s premiere of the new season and was so irritated with the way the other girls were forming opinions of Megan. It’s amazing to see how the editing can make someone seem down right evil when in fact she’s a sweet girl. MM was even more frustrated with the other girls than I was because he can’t stand petty girls and their ulterior motives.

From what I could see on the previews, Megan lasts through a few episodes, but I don’t think she wins. I honestly feel bad for Jason – Megan will be just fine.

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