dining the American way

MM’s parents left NYC yesterday to head back to Milan. While they were visiting with us, we tried to take them to our staples to introduce them to our restaurant friends and we also tried to give them a nice variety of the flavors of New York. Coming from Milan, they eat mostly Italian food, so we wanted to show them the American way of dining from a different culture nearly every night. Italians love their own cuisine (along with the rest of the world) and they have a pride in their dishes that lead them to rarely branch off to try other foods. Plus, the possibilities within Italian cuisine are endless, so they’re certainly not lacking in options…or flavor.

Here are the places we took them while they were in New York:

Babbo – Mario Batali’s Italian
Scarpetta – Scott Conant’s Italian
Chow Bar – Asian fusion
Don’s Bogum – Korean BBQ

and the dining room of yours truly, which is typically Italian…

They really liked all of the restaurants, but I think they agreed that Scarpetta beat out Babbo. Chow Bar was fantastic because it gave them a flavor of the Asian fusion that picks from the best dishes of different Asian cuisines. Our friend, Bob, who owns the place, also treated them very well with TWO chocolate fondue at the end! Don’s Bogum brought a new experience for them as they tried to sit with their legs under the floor and watch the BBQ procedure layout before them in a rapid and organized manner than only Koreans can pull off. The manager of Don’s Bogum is also one of the sweetest restaurant managers I know – she won over MM when she brought out complimentary Lychee sorbet!

I hope MM’s parents enjoyed their dining experiences in NYC, and I’m looking forward to having them back to show them what else we have to offer in this melting pot of cuisines we live in!

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