Ravioli with Sauteed Zucchini

Last night, MM cooked for me while I printed our wedding envelopes. He’s the greatest!

It was my first time having beef ravioli with sauteed zucchini, but it won’t be the last!


3 small – zucchini (sliced thin with a mandoline)
2 cloves – garlic
olive oil as needed

3 leaves – basil
pinch – oregano
1 package – beef ravioli (we had Buitoni)

1 tsp – black olive paste


Heat the garlic in the olive oil in a pan until the fragrance is strong
add sliced zucchini and cook till translucent – add salt to taste

add black olive paste – stir to mix completely with zucchini
add chopped basil and oregano
meanwhile boil pasta water – add course sea salt once boiling
add ravioli and cook as instructed or until they begin to float to the top
once zucchini is translucent, turn off heat and wait for ravioli to be al dente
add ravioli to pan and turn up the heat to above medium
stir to mix everything evenly
serve hot
shredded parmigiano optional at the table

He made me a very happy women…through my stomach.


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