Cafe Noir

You may have seen it on an episode of MTV’s most recent move at reality show/celebrity wannabe drama, The City, or you may know it simply because it is a Soho institution. Cafe Noir is part bistro, part tapas bar. The Mediterranean ambience, worldly DJ sessions, and hip crowd have kept Cafe Noir moving and shaking for over a decade.

I will be dining there tonight with a group of my ladies, and I am sure it will be a good time for all.

The menu features a wide selection of small tapas plates and solid Mediterranean entrees. The patrons nibble on grilled calamari, delicate goat cheese-laced Moroccan pizzas, baked brie, or seared tuna – all of which keep people coming back over and over again.

During the warmer months, the bar opens into the street. That weekend Soho crowd comes to gather to enjoy the good life of the young New Yorker. The vibe is similar to those in a European cafe where everyone is welcome and included.

Grab some close friends and join the familial crowd…you’re likely to stay for hours – at least you can eat, drink, mingle and move to some good tunes!
32 Grand Street

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