Naked Lunch

On Friday night, after leaving Cafe Noir, the girls and I headed across the street to Naked Lunch. I have never been there, but my girlfriends told me that they usually charge a door fee. Being that I have never paid a door fee in the 6 years I have lived in NYC, I certainly did’t want to pay one for a bar in Soho! Luckily, the door man probably noticed my insistence on this fact and he didn’t mention money.

We go there around midnight, so the place wasn’t near to being full. The music was good – mix of everything from the 80’s to today. The drinks, however, were served in plastic cups, which I think automatically brings the quality of the place down 10 notches. If they don’t trust their patrons enough to give them real glasses, they might as well give us sippy cups – there wasn’t any broken glass on the floor, but I did notice a couple of spills – they could have prevented them.

The crowd wasn’t all that impressive – one Euro-looking guy wouldn’t brush his hair behind his ears as he gazed sexily into any girl’s eyes who passed him. It was so annoying that one of my friends went over and brushed it behind his ears for him. Very entertaining.

These kind of nights don’t require some fantastic venue – we are such good friends that we’re able to entertain ourselves in the lamest of bars. Naked Lunch could take a note or two about residing in Manhattan, though. I would at least like a glass.

17 Thompson Street @ Grand Street


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