Last weekend, MM and I ate at Alta with a couple of our best friends. We had tried to eat there before, but reservation difficulties and scheduling conflicts ruined our desires. Finally, this past Saturday, in the midst of a snowy Manhattan evening, we were able to squeeze in at 7:30pm due to a cancellation. I typically don’t approve of those who stop going out during wintery weather, but in this case, I was singing their praises.

I thought Alta was only a one level restaurant, but learned that there is actually a very large 2nd floor. Not only is there a gorgeous area that sits around an open view of the downstairs dinind area, but there is a private dining room through the 2nd floor kitchen. This private area fits two large party tables and two small tables off to the side in a quaint room overlooking West 10th Street. It was fabulous and it felt very special and exclusive.

The tapas menu was a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds, but I always feel slightly hungry after ordering what I thought was far too much. My favorite dish was the tuna tartar. We ordered additional dishes twice to fill our stomachs and the amount of time the four of us are capable of sitting at a dinner table.

One thing did ruin our time, however. The insanely loud and obnoxious birthday party in the room next to us. There was one woman who kept screaming as if she were sitting front row at a football game or a Justin Timberlake concert. She was horrendo – in MM’s words. Finally, the people sitting at the other small table in our room went in to tell her that she wasn’t in her own home. Hilarious and much appreciated.

We did mention it to the manager as we were leaving and she was very apologetic and gracious. She offered us drinks at the bar and asked us to please come back for a better experience. We mentioned to her to discuss with her upstairs waitstaff who certainly heard the noise, but resisted to say anything to the party.

I wish the loud and drunk woman would join the less adventurous crowd next time. Snow is bad for their hair, right?

64 West 10th Street @ 6th Avenue


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