The Missing Link

MM can be a very difficult person to shop for…considering his immpecable and charming taste. It can be very stressful to come up with the perfect item that will impress and please him – although he would never say he didn’t like a gift.

This Christmas, I am proud to say that I was successful…

First, I got him two wool ties from Lugo Tailored Menswear: One of which MM wore for his sister’s wedding. Hit! Ties, however, are not a standard in MM’s daily wardrobe, so I wanted to get him something that would knock his socks off and he would use all of the time…hmmm. CUFFLINKS or gemelli (in Italian, which literally means “twins” since cufflinks usually are a matching pair). He wears cufflinks nealry every day, and he had mentioned looking for a pair with a Tiger’s Eye stone. So, the search was on!

and a search it was! Finally, I found the mecca of all cufflinks in Manhattan – on 25th Street in an antique center. The Missing Link was the answer to all of my prayers – with the largest collection of cufflinks I have ever seen or heard of – antique, rare, expensive, casual, fancy, silver, gold, stones, comical – you name it they have it!

I bought MM a gorgeous pair from 1950 with a tiger’s eye and ebony stripe. He loves them! We have since shared the secret with a few of our friends, and it seems that a lot of people are on the hunt for some good cufflinks. So I’m sharing the wealth.


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