the chef’s loft

Last night, MM and I were treated to a full course dinner in a loft prepared by a personal chef. I know, I know. That sounds faaaaancy…but we were actually invited to help the chef organize his idea of having a loft where he can make private dinners for groups of people, parties, etc. He is also Italian, and he would like to create a “restaurant” in his loft so that people can have that feeling of privacy and exclusivity while eating a fantastically homemade meal.
He is from Umbria, so the menu he prepared primarily consisted of dishes that are native to his hometown. It was more elaborate than I was expecting, but I wasn’t complaining. He served a salad with carpaccio, bruschetta, pureed garbanzo beans with pancetta, asparagus lasagna, filet of pork and tiramisu. The menu was more detailed than that, but I accidentally forgot his hand-written menu to share all of the delicious details…
Most everything was fantastic – homemade pasta in the lasagna, the filet cooked in red wine, roasted garbanzo beans on top of the puree, and many other finely planned details that made a big difference. The only comments I had were minor and usually related to salt, which I will admit – I like too much.

Just to be sure that I would like to try to help him in his endeavors, we planned another dinner for next week! This time he will be serving pesce (fish)…I think it is only necessary for me to try both land and sea dishes.


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