As we get closer to this Sunday, when the entire country should be wearing black & gold to cheer the Steelers on in Super Bowl XLIII (can you tell I’m from Pittsburgh?), I have been in search of the perfect NYC bar to get together with my friends to watch the game. There is no way I am going to be able to entertain all of our friends in my apartment with my perfectly-sized flat screen – its not huge, its perfect. 🙂

Priorities for the bar:

1. not too crowded – which can be nearly impossible in a sports bar on Super Bowl Sunday
2. good televisions
3. good drinks and grub
4. not in an inconvenient place to get home late on a Sunday evening
5. must have seating – we are not trying to stand for 4 hours

Being that MM and I are not typically at the sports bars, I’ve had to do some research. Here’s the list I put out for my friends:
2. Village Pourhouse
4. The Blue Seats
5. Bounce Deuce

Right now, we’re holding a table reservation at Arctica because it is very close to home. Problem is, the table will not seat everyone at the same time…I’ll continue to make some calls, but I’d rather have something than nothing. I just want to see my STEELERS win!!!

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