Tomorrow, MM and I are going to a coed bachelorette party for a good friend of ours. She is a very successful set designer within the fashion industry. Her personality is a mix of hippy, funky, care-free, fun-loving, and charming all at the same time. She’s an artist, which usually means neurotic without being psychotic in NYC, but she’s actually very collected and fantastic. All of these characteristics and talents have also made her the perfect member of Norwood club – also the location of her bachelorette party.

Norwood is located in a five-story townhouse on 14th Street in the Meatpacking District. It serves as a multi-level haven for creative types who must be invited to be members. The members are primarily “artists” – including painters, musicians, writers, chefs, fashion designers, and collectors. The members are allowed to invite their esteemed guests with them, which resembles the point of the Soho House. Norwood, however, would like to be known as more exclusive and less “hip” or “chic.” Basically, its trying to outdo the Soho House, but in reality its just serving a different crowd. Most of the Soho House members probably wouldn’t enjoy Norwood as much as their own exclusive club. At Norwood, the atmosphere and the conversation are focused on the “art world” and the more authentic reality that apparently these artists exist in.

Members and their guests wander throughout the brownstone – in the high-ceilinged first floor lounge, the lantern-lit back garden, and the swankier third floor bar area. All of this provides plenty of creative space for aristocratic artists to play catch-up on their strange activities such as attending the odd artist festivals world-wide or even deer hunting in Scotland. The service is good, which it should be considering the thousands of dollars the members pay annually and the $20 drinks.

I’m sure MM and I will have a fantastic time – we have enjoyed our visits there before. But, in our eyes, it’s all about the company we keep. Whether it be at Norwood or the Soho House or even at our house…

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