Reservations Made Easier

In the past few months, quite a few things have changed along with the economy. As a result, people are watching their wallets much more carefully, which creates an atmosphere of anxiety, uncertainty, nervousness, and…an easier time making reservations at Manhattan restaurants???

That’s right. You can now call those stuffy restaurants that used to boast about their “one month in advance” reservation requirement, and you will likely be treated nicer and be helped to find a way to dine at their establishment. In recent years, calling any restaurant with a celebrity chef, a raving Frank Bruni review, or 3 to 4 stars was pure torture – they wouldn’t answer the phone for reservations except for certain odd hours of the day (if they answered at all), they would act skepticle about the possibility of an open table when you did call within those hours, they would require a month in advance for reservations (earlier – not allowed, later – fully booked), they would charge you for cancelling within a week…basically they would make you feel as though you should kiss THEIR feet for allowing you to dine at their restaurant and spend your money for their salaries.

Times have changed…the tables have turned…the patrons run the show now.

The previously unaccessible restaurants are now VERY accessible and much more enjoyable. The service is polite and thankful for your business. Reservations are easy to make – someone answers the phone, and they actually help you to get a reservation. When you eat at one of these top notch Manhattan restaurants, the food is not the only shining star anymore – the whole package makes it worth now. The untouchable are now struggling to stay on top with people cutting back on their indulgences – such as fine dining. These restaurants have to pay their rents, and that is not easy when they’re not thwarting off customers.

I feel for the restaurant industry – I don’t want to see it struggle. The fantastic restaurant culture is one of my favorite things about NYC. I do appreciate this one side affect, however. The service industry is finally beginning to get back to providing good service…

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